Hi, I´am 26 years old, born in Iraq and grow up iin Austria.

Since I am Mr Bear Austria, I´am more involved into the scene and the Bear Community. I try as much i can to promote the Bear Scene in Austria and the Austrian bear scene in Europe and in the World to bring the comunity together.

I´ am a make up artist. My community at the moment is in Vienna. My Project for the future is to bring the homosexual people more together. Specially the Fetish Bear Scene.

My Hobbies are walking around the citiy, Travel around the World, Gym and Partys.



Hi, i’m  36 Yo , i’m born in bask country and i moved 2 years ago to Belgium. I’m a Multi Level Marketing leader, and i spend my free time with associations to fight for the LGBT rights.

8 years ago i was in sitges for my holidays, and i discovered the bear community. After 10 days, i understood i was a bear , in my mind and in my body :) Then i created link with others bears all around the world, and decided to spend more time with this new family. I love this community because if somepeople thinks bears are a ghetto, ithink this community is the most openminded and tolerent community of the world :)

Last year i decided to run for mister bear belgium because I wanted to do something good for the country who welcome me so well ! Now i’m glad to be Mr Bear Belgium, and i want to use this title to work for the lgbt rights , to fight against homophobia . My project in 2017 : help the lgbt refugees to start a new life in our countries, to federate all the mr bears of europe actions, to promote our movement all around the world and help some of us to grow up their visibilities in their countries. If i run for Mr Bear Europe, it’s because i feel european in the capital of europe :) and because i decided to give my full time for it if i win ! This year, withall what happening in USA , with all the extrmism, all the wars inthe world…. we need to give visibility to our movement , to open our arms to the one who need us….. yes i’m thinking about the lgbt refugees …. we are bears, we are family, we can give more

than hugs, we can give love !



I´am a 33 years old Czech guy, who lives in Prague. I work in a public bus transport company as a dispatcher. Externally I am studying at the Transport Faculty in increasing job qualifications.

In Czech REPUBLIC organize election of Mr Bear CZ and other activities in the Bear community in Prague and the Czech Republic. I also participate in events Czech Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

I am a cool guy who will not spoil any fun. Love talking with friends, travel, meet new people an places and I go to the gym. I swimm and I run. I think I am a very friendly person.



am Andreas from Cologne i think i´am loveable bear who wants  to  participate more actively in the scene. I love m boyfriend, London, sushi, musicals and concerts and hate spiders. When watching sad movies i´am also 'built close to the water'. I´am a good listener and i like to meet friends to go barhopping or to parties. Since my election of as Mr Bear Germany 2017 i love to help motivating others that want to lose weight and that haven't found the chance to do so out of various reasons.

My goal is be exchanging expieriences, ideas and recipes as well as reducing fear and frustration. I build a Facebook Group „Bears in Motion“ for Bears and Chubbies for motivation and to share experiences. I´am also in the Bartmänner E.V. Club , the organizer of the German Bear Pride in Cologne.




I am 48 years old, living in Budapest, in the capital of Hungary. Working in the gay businesses since 2001. i own a gay sauna in Budapest for 12 years. Since I work in the gay business, the most important thing to me to explain the importance of safe sex and preventation.

We do HIV blood tests at the Sauna quite often, easier to reach the gay men there. I used to work for a fundation as an HIV adivsor.

i organized with my best friends an AIDS Gala with amazing Hungarian Stars to donate this fundation where I used to work.

My hobbies the theatre, musicals, movies, love to go to gym, meeting with friends. One of my favourite things is traveling. I enjoy to discover new places, cities etc.

We started to do a new facebook page, called " Hungarian Bears". Our Plan is to open this page with a photo shoot to introduce, doesn´t matter, you are cub, chubby, bear, muscle bear, otter whatewer we are family and we have the same feeling....we are bears and we should be together and support to each other. 



I’m 28, french, creating User Interface for web & mobile application as well as thinking about the all user experience for our product for a living. Used to have few startups. Give of my time for student and people in professional reconversion by advising them about jobs and how to present themselves professionally. 

I’m co-host for Woof Luxembourg, a men-only party for bear & fetish community in Luxembourg, working hard to make people more open to those two communities, even inside LGBT people. But obviously, it’s always challenging to make a men-only gay party in Luxembourg. Club owners are not already used to that but that’s always rewarding we the party happen and everyone enjoyed it.  Also always giving a hand to the fairly newly opened only gay bar in Luxembourg, the “Bar Rouge”. I started an online agenda who will be available on for LGBT events in Luxembourg and surrounding. So, yes, you should get it, giving back is a big part of how I interact with people, not even just for the bear community.

I’m a little bit geeky (but if you ask my husbear I’m a geek with capital G) and love to create stuff, not only tech, just love the DIY whole idea :p. Love to travel, meet new people, make new friends, read, write, share knowledge and though, go to a party, experiments a lot of things … I think you can say I’m an open-minded guy yeah :) 



I´am living in in beautiful city of Amsterdam and enjoying (BEAR)Life as much i can. 

When people ask about my profession i always say i am in  Porn....because in real life i am a taxinspector. 

I like to go to the gym, to stay fit and like theatre and movies too, and of course attend (Bear)Partys with my Boyfriend and good friends. Also i like to go as often as i can to the partys or activities orgnised for the BEARS because i think it is very important to talk and have fun with men personally instead of only chatting on social media and you meet the nicest men too. It also a good way to me the BEAR Community stronger and bigger.

Further on i tried in my Mister Bear Period to help gay refugees to find their way in the Netherlands. I also wanna be a Role Model for positive Bears (Open about it and help Bears who just heard about theis statuts)

So Vote for me and thank you very much for all your support.




I am ex bartender, now  copywriter, but also Secretary of the Board in Bears of Poland Association and a Member of the Board of SANATORIUM, a foundation for Culture & Art.

After hours I am a bookworm and a househusbbear - sometimes a party animal :).

I love friday evenings with my girls from Senior Club which I founded in 2014.

As Mr Bear of Poland 2017 I am actively supporting our polish bears via various community activities/projects. I ve began " HATE. Stop!" project with which I am encouraging people to react to hate speech - especially on social media.



I am an extroverted and affectionate man. Also I am a Barber, a Hairdresser and i have had my own beauty salon for seven years.  I love going to the movies to wath horror movies. I Love Music and my favorite singer is Beyonce. As well as travelling whenever i can. I was born and raised in the country side which is a very beautiful place full of palm trees in Gran Canaria.

Also i have been a Go-Go Dancer for a year at BEAR CARNIVAL in Canary island. I Won the Mr Bear Contest in Sitges, Spain. I am the image of a few bearware companys.

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